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UltraStrut™ Modular Steel Shelters

Solarcraft has seen an increasing need for pre-engineered thermal-efficient modular shelters. With our knowledge and success of our patented modular RTU shelters, we developed the solution: the UltraStrut™- patent pending.

The UltraStrut™ shelter walls and roof panels support heavy equipment on integrated channel struts. Equipment installs directly onto unistrut channels, removing the need for conventional attachment methods that require anchor bolts drilled into the steel wall. Equipment additions and change-outs are simple and customizable. An overall R-value of R-23 is achieved by 5” fire resistant rock wool insulation and our patented high composite material defeats thermal transfer. The result is maximum thermal efficiency, saving energy over the lifetime of the shelter.

Key Benefits:

  • Recessed integrated channel struts allow fast and flexible equipment installation between each panel
  • Hard attachment points every 24”, inside and out
  • Reposition components within the enclosure without perforating wall panels
  • Higher weight load bearing than typical stick-and-wall construction
  • True thermal efficiency with an overall R-value of R-23
  • Patented high-composite insulated design with 5” thick fire-resistant rock wool insulation
  • Reduced utility power consumption and costs over the life of the shelter

About our systems:

  • Interchangeable 2’ panels assembled to meet your specific requirements
  • Width 8’, 10’, 12’: Height 8’, 10’: Depth in 2’ increments
  • Pre-fabricated panels for HVAC, ventilation, interior seal walls, pipe bulkheads, doors, and windows
  • Riveted, not welded, panel connections for quick fabrication