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Cathodic Protection and Corrosion Monitoring

Solarcraft enables you to implement an overall Integrity Management Plan by engineering and building reliable solar power systems for impressed current cathodic protection.

For corrosion monitoring, we design and package SCADA + power systems that support probes and sensors to relay data back to a central location.

Key benefits:

  • Large array solar power systems power cathodic protection in remote areas
  • Able to power up to 1kW loads for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection
  • Capable of powering additional loads and devices such as monitoring, communication, and SCADA
  • PLC/RTU and data loggers integrated with power components in rugged enclosures

About our system:

  • Integrated power and CP system with controllers/rectifiers, standardized to your requirements
  • Solar array and battery bank are sized for the system load in specific geographic location
  • Systems are designed to optimize the life of the battery bank
  • Robust enclosures, solar array frames, and skid bases, all fabricated and integrated in house