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Solar Power

Solar power is a reliable, low maintenance power solution for field electronics applications in remote areas. When sized correctly for optimal year-round performance, a solar power system and battery bank will operate for many years, requiring only annual battery check-ups.

Key benefits:

  • Solar power provides uninterruptible power for critical electronics where utility power is unavailable or where the cost or complication of installing utility cables is prohibitive
  • Our systems power components such as:
    • RTU’s, PLC’s, SCADA and Automation
    • Flow computers, meters, and measurement devices
    • Communications and Radios
    • Field networks
    • Block valve and valve actuator systems
    • Instrumentation
    • Analyzers
  • Accurate system sizing ensures continued operations while optimizing the life of the battery bank

About our systems:

  • Solar power systems are sized and configured for the specific application, with loads ranging from 40W to 5000W
  • We base our load calculations on average winter sun hours to ensure the system powers through periods of low sun
  • Our rugged enclosures and shelters are designed for long-life in the field
  • C1D2 systems are available for hazardous locations
  • Systems are tested and ready to deploy in the field
  • I&E and field commissioning services are available