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Field Equipment Racks

Modular, Skid Mounted, Anchor Block bases

Solarcraft prefabricated bus stop shelters alleviate logistical headaches, reduce installation costs, and consolidate control and power systems.  Our systems have been developed to save time and simplify electronics systems in the field, and are composed of a forklift-carry platform base, steel deck plates, notched steel upright supports, Unistrut attachment rails, and a steel roof.

Key benefits:

  • Modular design allows the size of the shelter to be scaled to your specifications
  • Multiple systems are consolidated to a single, skid-mounted structure, allowing easy transportation and delivery and reducing installation time
  • Bus stop shelters can be picked up and relocated on the site and ensure that no equipment is left behind after the site is decommissioned
  • Customizable options for roof-mounted solar arrays, platform decks, and ballast blocks

About our system:

  • Horizontal Unistrut cross members for mounting enclosures
  • Galvanized steel frame platform with forklift slots and lifting eyes
  • Securely attached steel steps for safe step-up to platform deck
  • Sturdy roof construction for additional protection from the elements, made of galvannealed steel with a powder coat finish
  • Snow load 90 lb per square foot, wind rating 90 mpg
  • Engineered reinforced concrete ballast blocks for above grade installation and stabilized foundation