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DC-UPS Power Supplies

Solarcraft’s proprietary DC-UPS is a key component in many of the UPS systems we build.

The DC-UPS 100 & 200-Watt Power Supply is both a battery charger and a primary power supply, designed to power your load while keeping batteries charged. This combination produces clean uninterrupted DC power for critical loads. 

The Solarcraft DC-UPS is available in three sizes:

  • 100W 12V DC-UPS
  • 100W 24V DC-UPS
  • 200W 24V DC-UPS

Key benefits:

  • Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) protects batteries from excessive discharge resulting in permanent battery damage
  • Power-Factor-Corrected Input — prevents harmonic degradation of the AC power line feeding the system
  • Constant-current Limited Output —avoids shutdown problems
  • Temperature Compensated Output — provides proper voltage for battery charging over wide temperature range
  • Low Noise Output — allows use with sensitive electronics used in control, monitoring, and communications
  • Glitch-less Switch-over — provides continuous load power
  • Wide Operating Temperature — makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor use (–20 to 60ºC, –4 to 140ºF)
  • Isolated Form C Alarm Contacts — provides remote signaling, or may be used to shed loads when AC power fails
  • Status Indicators — provide system status at a glance
  • Reverse Battery Protection — with a replaceable fuse that protects the DC-UPS and your loads
  • Rugged Enclosure / Quality Construction — for trouble-free service in harsh industrial or remote applications
  • True universal input – 47-66 Hz, 85-265 VAC (automatic, no jumpers); 110-370 VDC input

For complete specifications, view the DC-UPS Specification sheet.