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Well Site Automation

Solarcraft applies stable, uninterruptible power solutions and complex I/O panels to maximize well site automation. At remote sites, skid-mounted solar arrays and battery banks power large SCADA and RTU panels without interruption, and without the expense of bringing utility power to the site. For sites where utility power is available, combine the reliability of Solarcraft UPS systems with control panels in a single packaged system.

In addition to SCADA control panels, we build custom stainless-steel cabinets with pneumatic control panels for wellhead operations.

Key benefits:

  • Our in-depth knowledge in PLC integration takes the burden off you
  • Extensive panel integration experience with a wide variety of equipment and platforms
  • Powers communication and networking components

About our system:

  • C1D2 systems for hazardous locations
  • Our solutions are neatly integrated for easy maintenance on site
  • Solar and UPS systems available
  • Both electric and pneumatic systems available