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Walk-in Equipment Shelters

Solarcraft’s walk-in equipment shelters are designed to house site power and electronics systems and enclosures in a single turnkey package.  Completely fabricated and integrated in-house, our enclosures are built for rugged job sites and extreme weather conditions, and are shipped completely assembled and tested for fast deployment in the field.

Key benefits:

  • Modular design with 2’ wall panels allows the size of the shelter to be scaled to your specification
  • Full enclosed shelter protects critical field electronics and systems from the elements
  • Well-planned interior layout of systems maximizes work space
  • Shelter systems are fully integrated and tested in-house, providing a turnkey package for quick field deployment

About our system:

  • Wall panels cut for windows, HVAC, bulkhead, and vents
  • Sturdy roof construction with ridge and soffit vents for ventilation and standing seam construction for weather tight leak proof performance
  • Powder coated galvannealed steel sides and roof
  • Galvanized diamond deck plate floor and skid with forklift slots
  • Optional features such as:
    • Air conditioning or heating
    • Interior lighting
    • Work surface or fold-down work surface
    • Insulated walls