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Valve Actuation

Solar powered and line powered UPS systems can provide both the power and reliability to remotely operate a valve when the need arises. Solarcraft engineers and fabricates complete systems, including a communication device, PLC or SCADA system, and the actuator, to operate critical shutdown valves and valve actuators in remote areas. Systems are powered by battery banks charged by solar or utility power, which remain continuously operational in the event of a utility power failure.

Key benefits:

  • Dedicated power for the load from energy stored in the battery bank
  • Avoid an emergency without interruption due to power failure
  • Our AC, DC, and solar systems are tailored to power a variety of actuators such as:
    • Large three-phase power for mechanical/electric valve actuation, up to 480 VAC
    • Mid-range power for electro-hydraulic actuators
    • Small systems for pneumatic valve actuators
    • Solar powered 2-stage air compressor for pneumatic and hydraulic valve assemblies

About our system:

  • Our rugged enclosures and shelters are designed for long-life in the field
  • Systems are sized and configured specifically for the application
  • 24V DC actuators can open and close a large valve with only a small power requirement
  • C1D2 systems for hazardous locations