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Field Instrumentation

Solarcraft designs, fabricates and integrates stand-alone power and instrumentation systems for scientific equipment placed in the field. Applications include meteorology, weather stations, GPS applications, seismic monitoring, flood gauging, environmental hazard warnings, and infrastructure integrity monitoring, among many others.


  • Seismic Monitoring
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Weather Monitoring
  • Differential GPS Applications
  • Bridge and Structural Monitoring
  • Road Hazard Warning Systems
  • Flood Hazard Warning System

Key benefits:

  • Custom engineering for specific your application
  • Our extremely rugged enclosures and shelters protect highly-sensitive systems for more accurate readings and better predictions
  • Useful for scientific fields such as geotechnical, mechanical, and environmental
  • Can power systems for climate monitoring, seismic monitoring, weather data, LIDAR, and meteorological towers

About our systems:

  • Engineered for worst case weather conditions to ensure reliability and continued operation from solar power and battery bank
  • Our robust enclosures protect instrumentation from harsh weather conditions
  • Custom designed to house power and components in a single unit
  • Programming and field installation services available