Giga-Box - Ultimate Power Reserve Solution

Solarcraft’s Giga-Box battery backup enclosure is designed from the ground up for reliability, economy, safety and versatility; specifically designed to house batteries in an indoor or outdoor environment. Primary, back-up and solar power systems can take advantage of the larger electrical storage capacities without requiring a dedicated building.
With the Solarcraft Giga-Box battery backup enclosure system, utility power is no longer connected to the utility but directly to the Giga-Box. The Giga-Box doesn't have to reassign the power since it's the primary source. No line dip, no brown outs.

What's more the Giga-Box is designed for the purpose of storing batteries. Accessible from both front and back, this access allows for visual inspections and makes for easy maintenance and service without completely disassembling the system. However, if needed, the walls and top detach allowing a single technician the ability to maintenance, service, inspect, replace or repair a system housing thousands of amp hours in battery storage.

52" Giga-Box, Single High

54"h x 54.25"w x 32"d
– 1 Unigy Battery AVR95-17, 19 & 21 24V battery module
– 1 Unigy Battery AVR95-23, 25 & 27 24V battery module
– 1 Unigy Battery AVR95-29, 31 & 33 24V battery module

85" Giga Box, Double High

87"h x 54.25"w x 32"d
- 2 Unigy Battery AVR95-17, 19 & 21 24V battery modules
- 2 Unigy Battery AVR95-23, 25 & 27 24V battery modules
- 2 Unigy Battery AVR95-29, 31 & 33 24V battery modules

Features at a Glance

  • The base of the enclosure is 3/16" welded steel with integral lifting eyes and forklift slots
  • The battery assembly is fixed securely to the base, maintaining the seismic rating of the battery assembly
  • A 14-gauge steel case wraps around the battery and is bolted to the base with stainless steel closed end rivet connectors
  • Front and back removable bolt-on doors provide access to both sides of the enclosure and allow flexibility in site layout
  • The case sides, roof, and doors are fully insulated to moderate the temperature inside the enclosure
  • Memory-resistant door gaskets create a water tight seal
  • Passive ventilation for battery gas is accomplished with recessed vents at the top and bottom of the enclosure
  • Exterior attachment points allow for auxiliary electronics enclosures, solar array supports, sun shields, and heating or cooling units
  • Available in stainless steel or powder coated galvanealled steel
  • NEMA3R type construction


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