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When your project requires a Class I Division 2 certified (CID2) system, it does not simply call for a system built with CID2 certified components; a CID2 certified system is greater than the sum of its parts. To explain, a CID2 system meets standards established by the National Electric Code (NEC) for safety and is certified to meet those standards by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory Company like Intertek or UL.

Two Levels of Certification

A NRTL evaluates an Integrator’s system design on a component level and complete system level. If components already carry a CID2 approval, they can quickly be evaluated for safety in the system’s application and added to the Integrator’s master list of components. While the individual system components under normal operating conditions are not expected to arc, spark or produce excessive heat, the NRTL has to be certain that the interaction between components will not create a problem. The complete system design is evaluated for safety and compliance within standards, some of which are listed below:

  • Schematic design
  • Wiring methods
  • Operating temperatures
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Connectors
  • Conduits
  • Enclosures

Why Purchase from an Experienced CID2 Integrator like Solarcraft?

With so much to think about, consider using an integrator that is familiar with the process of certifying CID2 systems. Integrators that are authorized and experienced have a great deal to offer.

  • Up-to-date with continually changing rules and standards
  • Confidence in knowing your system meets national standards
  • Third-party certification verifies competency
  • Safety Assurance

Approved Designs & Components Lists

More importantly, once a system design has been certified and approved, the Integrator is authorized to mark subsequently built systems of the same design with a CID2 label. This enables Solarcraft to produce a variety of systems for CID2 applications without the additional expense and time of an individual NRTL design review — it’s already been done.

The same is true of our Master List of approved components. Once a component is approved for use in Solarcraft's systems, there is no requirement to re-certify for subsequent applications, resulting in savings to the client. Over years of building CID2 systems, Solarcraft has accumulated an extensive list of approved CID2 components for use in our certified systems. Standard components such as solar panels, regulators, solar controllers, batteries, PLC’s, RTU's, radios, enclosures and hardware have been “pre-approved” therefore reducing the cost of the overall system. 

As new products emerge in the marketplace, customers may occasionally have to bear the cost of evaluation for addition to Solarcraft’s Master List of CID2 offerings. If the product already bears a CID2 rating from a NRTL, this cost is usually minimal. 

HAZLOC Systems are Expensive but Potentially Save Property and Lives

Class I Division 2 systems are by definition specialized and, as such, are expensive. Despite this, it is usually far more cost effective to have your CID2 system manufactured by Solarcraft than to go it alone and apply for the CID2 certification for a one-off or limited production system. Furthermore peace of mind that your systems are CID2 certified and built by a reputable Integrator far out-weighs the risk and liability of a non-certified system.

For more information about how to protect your assets with certified systems, contact a Solarcraft Techicnal Sales Respresentative TODAY >>.

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