Hybrid Power Trailer Departs Texas for Quebec Canada

June 2012
Solarcraft, Inc.
Sugar Land, Texas, USA

For reliable off-grid electric power at a northern location, redundant power sources are not only prudent; they are key to continuous operation. The trailer that Solarcraft, Inc. built for Hatch combines solar and wind power with a propane generator to keep 1000Ah battery bank fully charged.

The trailer mounted power set is easy to relocate and deploy. Solar and wind power keep the batteries charged, and when solar and wind power isn't enough, the propane generator switches on to recharge the batteries. The smart generator's automatic PLC system monitors load voltage, starts the generator, and shuts the generator off when charging is complete.

A programmable communication device alerts the operator of the status of the power set via text message alerts, so you always know the situation at the site.

System Voltage: 24VCD

Solar Array: 810W

Battery Bank: 4-265Ah gel cell batteries

Wind Turbine: Air Breeze 160W turbine

Tower: 2-10 foot sections for a total of 20 feet

Generator: 100Amp DC Power Generator

Allison Haun
(877) 340-1224


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