Gas Detection Saves Lives: Make Reliable Solar Power Part of the Solution

Modern gas detection systems ensure a safe environment for workers and equipment — they provide timely alerts giving crews the critical minutes they need to complete a safe shutdown and evacuation of the site, as well as, signal control centers of the emergency.

And with the increasing number of oil and gas production rigs in close proximity to population centers means that gas monitoring is more critical than ever to minimizing risk of harm to nearby landowners, neighborhoods and municipalities. 

Where Do Standard Gas Detection Systems Fall Short?

Many gas detection systems are designed with rechargeable or replaceable batteries. These batteries need maintenance at regular intervals according to manufacturers specifications. Therein lies one problem — maintaining batteries for critical devices requires manpower, time, logistics and oversight.

Other gas detection systems use utility power for their devices, a scenario that requires existing power infrastructure at the site, especially at the site perimeter. There are sites with no line power across the entire site, or laying power infrastructure is too expensive. Oil and gas well sites are a good example because the site’s power infrastructure may not reach to the far perimeters of the well pad. 

Many factors affect the power requirements of a complete monitoring system:

  • Distance of gas source from facility perimeter
  • Number of access points to the site
  • Power requirements of monitors
  • Area classification of potential leak source (C1D2)
  • Need to deploy quickly
  • Number of points to monitor
  • Will multiple points be powered from the same power system?

Solar Technology Eliminates Many Challenges

Implementing a well-designed solar power solution for operating gas detection systems saves installation costs, and means simple rapid deployment for multiple monitoring points, transceivers, visual and audio alarms and other stand-alone components. Because correctly sized solar power systems are self-sustaining, they deliver continuous secure power without the possibility of power loss from batteries that haven’t been maintained.

  • Continuous power
  • No power loss if utility power fails
  • Reduces maintenance procedures
  • Reduced risk of a missed alarm

Systems like the one below are transportable; the concrete block pad is easily carried by forklift for relocation and re-use.

Solarcraft specializes in turnkey power and instrument systems that integrate the monitor/detector, battery, and solar panel in a single system. Installation is a simple pole mount or wall mount enclosure and solar array.

And, we are manufacturer neutral and design systems based on the customers' specified equipment.

Smart Prevention Saves, Saves, Saves

To avoid consequences such as safety violations and fines for not protecting employees and the community, make certain the detection systems in place are powered reliably.

CONTACT US TODAY to learn more about these systems and other power solutions that can improve safety.

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