Powering Wireless Technology and Tank Gauging

Minimizing risks to workers and damage to the environment while controlling costs is top of mind across all industries, and the petrochemical industry is no exception. Safety is a way of life; but protecting workers from the inherent dangers within storage tank farms extends beyond training and procedures to better technology.

Technologies such as wireless tank gauging, controls and communications networks within storage tank facilities have improved safety by bringing real-time information to control rooms even when the tanks are located far from the main facility. Moreover, wireless gauging means workers need not risk exposure to hazardous substances while performing manual gauging.

Easy to Deploy

Solarcraft offers a portable reinforced concrete base with forklift slots for easy transport. The base takes the place of a concrete pad or in-ground support footings. No digging is required at the site, bypassing the survey and permitting process. A pole mounted or pedestal mounted enclosure and solar array is securely bolted to the concrete base to anchor the enclosure and array.

Don't Forget the Backup Power

For locations where utility power is available, consider installing a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system with batteries to keep the system operational in the event of an emergency power shutdown or power failure. At some installations, DC power systems are recommended over AC. To avoid unnecessary double conversion, specify DC powered components for maximum power consumption efficiency.

A Single Enclosure System Installs Quickly

Solarcraft has 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of stand-alone standard and CID2 solar and UPS systems. In addition, we specialize in integrating all the components into an efficient system housed in a single enclosure --- for the simplest installation.

Our goal is the build extremely reliable, high-quality field power systems. We design and fabricate our rugged enclosures in-house, wire our own electrical panels, and install batteries, instrumentation, communications and power controls. Close attention is given to the actual power loads to ensure reliability over the long term, and reduce maintenance and battery replacement. THE RESULT > a long lasting power system that requires minimal maintenance.

CONTACT US TODAY to learn how Solarcraft can build to meet the specific requirements of your next tank-gauging project.

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